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Baltimore Crime Scene
Baltimore Crime Scene
Baltimore Crime Scene
Baltimore Crime Scene
Baltimore Crime Scene


A podcast that takes an in-depth look at unsolved murders and their consequences

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He was a well-liked homicide detective, a veteran Baltimore cop and father of five.  But on November 15th, 2017 Sean Suiter was found lying in West Baltimore alley dying from a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Initially then-police Commissioner Kevin Davis insisted Suiter was shot by a lone black gunman after a brief confrontation.   But as the case unfolded, doubts grew in the community. And when Davis announced that Suiter was set to testify before a federal grand jury in case involving the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force, those doubts turned into outright skepticism.  

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It happened suddenly, on a deserted parking lot in Baltimore in 1996, but the toll the unsolved murder of Jody LeCornu has taken a toll on her twin sister Jennifer that has lasted decades.

Jody was shot in the back of the head while sitting in her car in Baltimore county parking lot in March of 1996 by an unknown assailant.    

Despite surveillance video, witnesses, and evidence her assailant was driving a white BMW, police have yet to solve the case.   A fact which prompted her sister to ask for the homicide file itself to be a released. But the Baltimore County police refuse. Which is why we are delving into what happened.  To flesh out the facts, and explore the politics that answer the question: Who Killed Jodi Cornu

Land of The Unsolved:  Series Two:  Twin Injustices - The Mysterious Murder of Jody Cornu
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Before joining TRNN as an investigative journalist, Taya worked in Baltimore’s neighborhoods of color for years as an advocate and was awarded the Coalition of 100 Black Women’s Torchbearer Award and YANA’s (You Are Never Alone) “Love in Action” award. Her years of outreach to underserved communities have uniquely prepared her to connect with city residents. Now she cultivates relationships with Baltimore’s citizens to cover the stories on the ground.

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Stephen is an award-winning investigative journalist whose work has been acclaimed both in print and on television. As the Senior Investigative Reporter for the now defunct Baltimore Examiner, he won two Maryland DC Delaware Press Association Awards for his work on the number of unsolved murders in Baltimore and the killings of prostitutes. His in-depth work on the city’s zero-tolerance policing policies garnered an NAACP President’s Award. As an Investigative Producer for WBFF/Fox 45, he has won three successive Capital Emmys: two for Best Investigative Series and one for Outstanding Historical/Cultural Piece.
He is the author of three books on the philosophy of policing: Why Do We Kill? The Pathology of Murder in Baltimore; You Can’t Stop Murder: Truths About Policing in Baltimore and Beyond; and The Book of Cop: A Testament to Policing That Works. He has also written two novels, This Dream Called Death and Orange: The Diary of an Urban Surrealist. He teaches journalism at Towson University.

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Investigative Reporters Taya Graham and Stephen Janis host, write,and produce The Land of the Unsolved.  They are currently both baltimore-based journalists who work at The Real News Network, a non-profit news service based in Baltimore.

The Hosts of Land of The Unsolved

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Stephen Janis with Sean Yoes at WYPR
Stephen Janis and Taya Graham recording at WYPR
Stephen Janis preparing for podcast
Taya Graham Reporting in Downton Baltimore
Stephen Janis reporting in Annapolis
Taya Graham shooting Video in Maryland State Capital
Taya Graham in front of Baltimore City Hall
Taya Graham speaking with Takiyah Thompson
Taya Graham reporting in Baltimore
Taya Graham laughing at herself after messing up her stand up in the State Capitol
Taya Graham laughing at herself after messing up her stand up in the State Capitol
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Stephen Janis In Studio recording Podcast
Stephen and Taya giving lecture at U of B
Stephen Janis before speaking engagement
Stephen at WYPR Radio NPR affiliate stat
Taya shooting Video inside City Hall
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Taya M Graham recording Podcast.jpg
Ready to record podcast
Taya Graham at City Hall preparing to report on City Council actions
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Do you have a case of an unsolved murder that you think should be investigated? Do you have information about a case we have discussed? Or would you like to give us feedback on how we can improve our podcast? Please contact us at

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